April 30, 2014


Why do I work with youth in the messy state that they find themselves in?
It's simply:

because sometimes they're alone
because maybe they've been kicked out of 'home'
because often their roots are on fire
because soon their joy will expire
because now they're thirsty for hope
because so far they didn't find lasting dope
because til now they haven't been told it can be okay
because unfortunately they haven't evaded the fray
because they have asked the question: can i be free?
because I know the help they need can be me.
because they're reaching out and dropping their guard
because their life's been exceedingly hard
because they lack good choices to choose
because they had no good to refuse
because they are more than have-nots
because.... why not?

April 1, 2014


Learn how you can reach them.
And from where trouble stems.
Open the doors to something more,
And show them what could be in store.

Then give your heart a shake.
Don't stop until it breaks.
Protect and give and share.
Don't hold back, if you dare.

Watch as your hope unfolds,
Give courage and be bold.
Pick your heart back up again,
Could be that it's on the mend.

Don't ask too many questions,
Don't beg them to believe,
Don't further their oppression,
Don't ask them not to leave.