October 14, 2015


My hope feels broke
It's cloaked
Soaked in fear
but it's clear
You told me you're near
Your promises say: "Dear one,
I haven't forgotten those you love
My love for them is present
In weakness,
My strength looks a lot like meekness
Trust it
It's not rusted
It's tried and true
Gotta let me do the work
It can't be you
So rest, take a break
Reapply the balm of joy
To your spirit, to your smile
let freedom be your marching orders
Only limit is the sky
And when you feel a pang of pain
As you walk out of the dark,
And though your eyes burn
And the light is stark
Remember that I'll be with you
Just as I am with them
Your heart breaks because I taught it to
Your hope I can extend"